[ASD] Diablo 3 clan


So I did some research on the clan tag [ASD], and apparently its already used in a few places:

  • Aim Shoot Die [ASD]: An Italian clan for PS3 games.
  • [ASD]: I don’t know what it stands for, but the clan is based in Germany playing Steam games (CS, L4D, TF2, etc).
  • Anasini Siksen Durmaz (ASD): Another German clan playing on Steam.
  • [ASD] A Sudden Death: A Call of Duty clan.
  • Clan asd: An Italian clan who seems to play WoW, SC2, and DoTA.
The only clan from the above list that may play Diablo would be ‘Clan asd’. I don’t think this will be a problem – If they will have a presence in Diablo, it will be on the Europe server.
So I’m happy with the name and tag. :)


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