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Diablo 3 News: Follower System Revealed

A video has surfaced of the Diablo 3 Follower system (aka Mercenaries). It hasn’t been posted on their official site yet, so it seems it was leaked.

The video can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdJasi2QS80&hd=1

What the video reveals:

There are three follower classes; the Enchantress, the Scoundrel, and the Templar. Your follower will be able to equip weapons (two slots: main and offhand), an amulet, and two rings.

Your follower will have various tiers of skills which are unlocked as the follower levels. Each tier allows you to select one of three skills for your follower to use. In the video, the skills for tiers 5, 10, 15, and 20 are shown.

Diablo 3 Follower Character screens

Diablo 3 Follower Character Screens

Follower Details:

  • Enchantress
    A caster who seems to actually keep away from the monsters (A great improvement over D2 :P).
    • Tier 1 (lvl 05): Disorient, Forceful Push, Charm
    • Tier 2 (lvl 10): Decoy, Reflect Missiles, Powered Armor
    • Tier 3 (lvl 15): Focused Mind, Amplify Damage, Lower Resistances
    • Tier 4 (lvl 20): Energize, Energy Bomb, Guidance
  • Scoundrel
    A ranged class who uses crossbows (maybe other?)
    • Tier 1 (lvl 05): Rapid Fire, Crippling Shot, Poison Bolts
    • Tier 2 (lvl 10): Dirty Fighting, Bandage, Scavenge
    • Tier 3 (lvl 15): Power Shot, Multishot, Rain of Gold
    • Tier 4 (lvl 20): Vanish, Anatomy, Black Market
  • Templar
    A melee  class (probably tank) who has a sword and shield
    •  Tier 1 (lvl 05): Heal, Charge, Protection
    •  Tier 2 (lvl 10): Loyalty, Intimidate, Guardian
    •  Tier 3 (lvl 15): Tribute, Inspire, Intervene
    •  Tier 4 (lvl 20): Onslaught, Knight, Empathy


Ok, so it wasn’t actually revealed… a video was leaked. And now after keeping quiet on the subject all day, we have Bashiok making us all wonder whats going to happen next:

I’d recommend everyone back down from their perceptions of what they believe is true, because tomorrow, from my perspective, everyone is going to be eating crow.

-Bashiok @D3 Battle.Net Forums 

Whats going to be revealed tomorrow?


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