[ASD] Diablo 3 clan

The Puzzle Ring

I was looking through all the rings in the items section, and although there are a lot of rings with awesome attributes, one stood out in particular: the Puzzle Ring. At first it seems a simple thing; +18% damage, and +0.24 attacks per second.  Then the +5 random properties note sinks in…

I dearly want my melee characters to be double fisting this ring. It may take some time, but eventually I see +36% damage, +0.48 attacks per second, and 10 additional attributes which are exactly what I needed to perfect the build. Need crit? No prob. Need dodge? Covered. Resistances? Defense? There is no limit here. I foresee this being one of the most valuable rings, desired by all kinds of character builds.

And oh my, the variation. You will definitely find some that are more than useless.

How do you think it stacks up versus the other rings?


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