[ASD] Diablo 3 clan

Strategy: Minimizing Auction House Fees

So how should we go about using the RMAH in order to minimize the fees incurred, thus maximizing potential profit? First you must decide whether to use the RMAH at all:

  • Selling anything for gold will result in a 15% gold fee.
  • Selling commodity items for cash will result in a 15% fee.
  • Selling items for cash has a flat $1.00 fee.

From the above fees, you can see that it makes sense to sell items valued at $6.67 or more for cash, but everything else for gold.

Now when selling an item on the RMAH, should you cash out right away, or send the earnings to your BlizzBucks account? Cashing out incurs a 15% fee. If you simply want to pull money out of the system and maximize profits, then you should transfer your earnings directly to PayPal when making a sale. If you instead want to recycle your earnings to make purchases, then transferring your earnings to your BlizzBucks balance will put off the 15% fee until you cash out later. However, you should note that Blizzard does NOT support transferring BlizzBucks directly to PayPal.

Transferring BlizzBucks to PayPal will require a transaction on RMAH. This can most easily be done by having a friend post a cheap item for a buyout equal to the funds you intend on transferring. Your friend will then receive the funds and can transfer them to you. **Be sure you can trust this friend with your money!! Don’t get scammed!! Also, for the love of god, don’t purchase the wrong cheap item!!

Or you know, just cash out every time and avoid this hassle…


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