[ASD] Diablo 3 clan

Strategy: Skill Selection

Fortunately we can switch up our skills whenever we want or need to do so. This will allow you to experiment with various skills with no risk or punishment so as to finally select the ones you really want. So what combination of skill types should you want?

In the early game, all monsters are fairly weak and will come at you with great numbers. You are going to want an “Area of Effect” (AoE) type damage skill in order to attack them all at once. Late game, AoEs become very effective at increasing your overall DPS by slowly whittling away at everyone’s life while being able to focus on a single high priority target at the same time.

Single target attack type skills will output the most damage and are therefore very useful for quickly taking out high priority targets. This type of skill will be necessarily in the higher difficulty levels were a group of players will want to focus fire on monsters in order to take them out as fast as possible.

Your main AoE and single target attack are also usually resource dump skills. These are skills that consume your resource, but do not have a cooldown. This allows you to spam these skills so long as you have resources left. Your third offensive skill type could be something powerful with a long cooldown. Its even better if this skill does not use up your resource. This can periodically provide a significant DPS boost in between spamming your primary attacks.

It is generally recommended that you take at least two defensive skills. Which skills to choose will be very dependent on your play style. I like taking a combination of crowd control and damage reduction. If you plan on playing in a group, then defensive skills that will benefit the whole group could prove beneficial.

The final skill slot should be used to cover any weaknesses your character may have. I would normally choose a healing skill if I do not  already have some sort of healing. If not healing, then I would choose something that somehow incapacitates my targets such as a stun.

** I should also note that it is highly recommended to enable “Elective” mode for skill selection. You can do this in the options menu. Elective mode allows you to move your skills to different slots and you aren’t forced to choose a certain type of skill for each slot.



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