[ASD] Diablo 3 clan

Character Builds

Using Blizzard’s very own Diablo III skill calculator, we can easily share skill builds that we have tested and rated. Our goal is to experiment with as many combinations as possible and rate each build based on its effectiveness, its ‘fun factor’, and its difficulty to achieve (gear wise).

We are also interested in designing and sharing Team Builds for PvP and PvM.

Barbarian Image

Barbarian Builds

Treasure Hunter Rating: ??? Description: PvM magic finder. Uses his abilities to force additional items to drop from monsters
Earth Shifter Rating: ??? Description: PvP/PvM area of effect damage. Uses Earthquake, Seismic Slam, and Ground Stomp for AoE damage and control
Witch Doctor Image

Witch Doctor Builds

Zombie Handler Rating: ??? Description: PvP/PvM Active Pets. Uses Zombie Dogs and Sacrifice to dish out the explosive damage
Fetish Voodoo Rating: ??? Description: PvM Passive Pets. Uses Fetish Army, Hex, and Big Bad Voodoo to keep the pressure on your targets
Wizard Image

Wizard Builds

Battle Mage Rating: ??? Description: PvP/PvM Single Target. Uses Magic Weapon to boost melee damage and gain life steal
Arcane Blaster Rating: ??? Description: PvP/PvM Multi-target. Glass cannon who spams Arcane Torrent and Magic Missile
Monk Image

Monk Builds

Pupil of Ytar Rating: ??? Description: PvP/PvM Single Target. Lashing Tail kick and Seven Sided Strike used in combination with mantras
Energy Master Rating: ??? Description: PvP/PvM Multi-target. Avoids physical contact by striking with the force of pure energy
Party Healer Rating: ??? Description: PvP/PvM Healer. All skills provide healing or protection effects
Evasive Brawler Rating: ??? Description: PvP/PvM Single Target. Maximizes your chance to dodge, and your enemies’ chance to miss
Demon Hunter Image

Demon Hunter Builds

Shadow Stalker Rating: ??? Description: PvM Multi-Target. Prey on slowed creatures from the shadows

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