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Game Guide & Skill Calculator

Blizzard has revealed their online Game Guide recently. It promises to provide everything we need to slay Diablo’s minions. It provides information on the character classes and all their skills + runestone effects. There is also a section for the Followers, for the Artisans, for Items, and for the Acts. I assume information on the monsters themselves will be found in the Acts section. However, a lot of this information is still not revealed. Everything is hush hush to not spoil the story and all the discoveries we are all excited to make!

What is available is a Skill Calculator! You can play around and select skills for your characters and share your builds. This can be extremely useful for anyone wanting to plan ahead, or those who don’t get into beta. I know I will be using it in conjunction with the Character Builds section here, so we can easily share which builds we have tested.

Official Diablo 3 Game Guide: here
Official Diablo 3 Skill Calculator: here




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1Million Diablo III Likes and Major ASD News

The Diablo 3 Facebook page has reach 1 Million likes and so Blizzard has released some old artwork in a new way. I’m not going to post them here this time, so you can see them over at DiabloFans: http://www.diablofans.com/topic/25250-nineteenth-batch-of-screenshots-and-art/

Its 5 wallpapers made from previously released art.

Now for ASD news: This site was getting clustered and ugly. No joke. So I’ve moved (or will move) a ton of information over to: Heroes Of Sanctuary

Heroes Of Sanctuary  will be the main resource for D3 gameplay and character development information. It features (or will) all the character skills,  character traits, items, bestiary, and many character builds.

I’m also trying to make it look good, and be easily navigated. Let me know what you think of it. I will continue trying to evolve it into a better beast.

asdClan.wordpress.com will remain for use by the clan and will feature our custom made D3 wallpapers.


Diablo Lore

A while back I was interested in learning about the Diablo lore, and all the major events that lead up to Diablo 3’s storyline. While perusing the wikis, I found that all the information is segmented and hard to follow – So I wrote up a summary of the major events in chronological order (or as close as I could).

I’ve added a lore section that should adequately explain the history and its major players.

A Swift Death

“People pray for strength and guidance… They should pray for the mercy of a swift death, for I have seen what the darkness hides.”


Leah has witnessed the terror that will be brought upon the world. She feels hopeless in the face of impending doom. However, she has underestimated the people of Sanctuary; heroes with strange new powers and insights are joining the ranks of those past.

Many of these new heroes have teamed up and vowed that it is those who threaten this world who will perish swiftly. They call their group “A Swift Death”.

Everyday is spent honing their skills and helping the locals. Travelling across Sanctuary; their ultimate goal is to force the evils back into the burning hells.

The heroes mostly travel in groups of up to four. However, they can be found travelling alone to accomplish specific tasks.

Punny Image

The heroes of Sanctuary travel far and wide, hunting for the Demons who are slaughtering the innocent populace.