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Diablo 3 Followers Now Official

A few interviews have been released talking about the follower system. Turns out the followers are only available in single player.

This comes as good news to most. The game will be balanced based on cooperative play between players, so when you’re going solo, you will have a companion and bit of extra help.

Here’s a link to one of the interviews:

They explained that the followers will help reveal the lore and story through out the game. Now I’m wondering how we are going to get this information while playing multiplayer?

Here’s some of the character background information revealed in the interview:

The scoundrel, Lyndon, is a member of the Thieves’ Guild and he’s fallen into disgrace. He’s charming and cynical in equal parts, and always looking for his next bit of treasure.

Kormac, the Templar, is a member of the Order, and they’re searching for Tomes and Archbishop Lazarus stole before the events of the original Diablo.

Eirena the enchantress, her background is really shrouded in mystery. She follows this guy named The Prophet who you really don’t know much about and she really doesn’t tell you at the beginning where she’s from or what she’s doing. It’s a mystery that unfolds over the course of the game.

– Leonard Boyarsky, Lead World Desinger on Diablo III

Angel Demon Hybrid

Seriously… who is this guy?

The wings of fire/pure energy clearly marks him as an angel, but he has horns atop his head… so he’s a demon? or perhaps just wearing a helm? Well, then why is he standing in front of what appears to be a portal to the burning hells? Looks like he just came out of it actually…

Diablo Lore

A while back I was interested in learning about the Diablo lore, and all the major events that lead up to Diablo 3’s storyline. While perusing the wikis, I found that all the information is segmented and hard to follow – So I wrote up a summary of the major events in chronological order (or as close as I could).

I’ve added a lore section that should adequately explain the history and its major players.

A Swift Death

“People pray for strength and guidance… They should pray for the mercy of a swift death, for I have seen what the darkness hides.”


Leah has witnessed the terror that will be brought upon the world. She feels hopeless in the face of impending doom. However, she has underestimated the people of Sanctuary; heroes with strange new powers and insights are joining the ranks of those past.

Many of these new heroes have teamed up and vowed that it is those who threaten this world who will perish swiftly. They call their group “A Swift Death”.

Everyday is spent honing their skills and helping the locals. Travelling across Sanctuary; their ultimate goal is to force the evils back into the burning hells.

The heroes mostly travel in groups of up to four. However, they can be found travelling alone to accomplish specific tasks.