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1Million Diablo III Likes and Major ASD News

The Diablo 3 Facebook page has reach 1 Million likes and so Blizzard has released some old artwork in a new way. I’m not going to post them here this time, so you can see them over at DiabloFans: http://www.diablofans.com/topic/25250-nineteenth-batch-of-screenshots-and-art/

Its 5 wallpapers made from previously released art.

Now for ASD news: This site was getting clustered and ugly. No joke. So I’ve moved (or will move) a ton of information over to: Heroes Of Sanctuary

Heroes Of Sanctuary  will be the main resource for D3 gameplay and character development information. It features (or will) all the character skills,  character traits, items, bestiary, and many character builds.

I’m also trying to make it look good, and be easily navigated. Let me know what you think of it. I will continue trying to evolve it into a better beast.

asdClan.wordpress.com will remain for use by the clan and will feature our custom made D3 wallpapers.


New Diablo III ASD Wallpaper

I’m kinda proud of this one. It took a lot of time to get the editing work just right. I’ve taken the image of Caldeum Blizzard released (re-released?) for the last Facebook ‘likes’ milestone (975K), and simply turned it into a 1366 x 768 resolution wallpaper.

The original Caldeum image itself isn’t a very high resolution, so there is no point in releasing a higher resolution wallpaper – you might as well just scale this one to fit.

Now for a little game: Can you spot all the changes I made without looking at the original?

caldeum wallpaper by jpx

Diablo III wallpaper made from Blizzard concept art

Collage -> High Res

I updated the D3 concept art collage wallpaper. Its a huge improvement and is now 2560 x 1440 pixels.

I also added a page listing all the wallpapers (a lot easier to see them all this way): https://asdclan.wordpress.com/updates/diablo-iii-wallpaper/

D3 Concept Art Collage (2560x1440)

D3 Concept Art Collage (2560x1440)

Wallpaper: Concept Sketch Collage

This one I really like (its currently my laptop’s wallpaper) due to there being less clutter/noise everywhere and the simple color palette.

Diablo 3 concept art collage wallpaper [ASD]

Wallpaper made from D3 Concept Art

I think I’m spending too much time doing this… haha.
Anyway, enjoy!

New ASD Wallpaper: Summon Horrors

Another variation of the last post’s Diablo wallpaper:

ASD background5

Wallpaper made from D3 concept art

The ghost is the concept image of the Witch Doctor’s Horrify skill. The following is the modified version I added into the above image:

Diablo III Artwork & ASD Wallpaper

Blizzard has released a new batch of artwork and screenshots. You can see them here: http://theworldstonekeep.wordpress.com/2011/05/08/diablo-fb-900k-like-images/ or on Diablo 3’s Facebook page.

I noticed that some people wanted wallpapers of the Diablo image (myself included), so I decided to make one:

ASD background2

Wallpaper made from D3 concept art

The image was too tall to simply expand it horizontally, so I mirrored it. It looked great, but there were now two Diablos staring at nothing… So I added the D3 heroes.

I think I’ll title it “Diablo’s Looking Glass”, as he appears to be keeping a careful eye on the Heroes who threaten his plans. And I’ll happily explain that there are two of him because… well, because he’s the Lord of Terror! What’s scarier than there being more than one of him?

It took a lot of time to crop and place each hero into the image and I thought it looked great, so I’ve reused the images many times over throughout this site.

Another option for turning that Diablo image into a wallpaper would be to simply crop it:

ASD background3

Wallpaper made from D3 Concept Art